Leading Montana Democrat Candidate for Governor Supports Impeachment

We know mainstream Democrats are obsessed with impeachment.

But in Montana, Democrat politicians are doing their best to avoid talking about it. Why?

Because they have to appease a radical base that wants to remove the President from office and they don’t want the public to know.

By dodging direct questions, giving wordy answers, and hoping no one is listening they try to have it both ways; support impeaching a President to satisfy an extreme position of the Radical Left AND avoid alienating the Montanans who helped secure the President’s hisotric 2016 victory.

Just listen to Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, a fellow boys club member whom Bullock & Tester endorsed over out-of-state favorite, Whitney Williams, discuss his views on impeachment.

We need your help now to show that Montanans stand with President Trump.

Join us and help us fight back against the Radical Democrat Party and end this impeachment obsession once and for all!