Gubernatorial Race: Republican Candidates Outraised Democrats nearly 4:1 in Montana

HELENA – Gubernatorial candidate Whitney Williams’ recent campaign finance disclosure with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices revealed the principal concern among Montana Democrats; Whitney Williams is supported by out of state liberal interests, not Montanans.

While Williams outraised all of her primary opponents with over $430,000 dollars in the fourth quarter, not even 25 percent of that support came from individuals that actually live in the state she is hoping to govern. With prominent liberal figures like Hollywood actors, directors, and producers, as well as Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff bankrolling her campaign, Montana Democrats are right to raise concerns about Williams’ electability in Montana now that she is viewed as a potential alternative to Governor Bullock’s preferred successor, career bureaucrat and fellow boys club member, Lt. Governor Mike Cooney.

With Republican Gubernatorial candidates receiving over 75 percent of their contributions from Montanans, some progressive activists have expressed frustration with William’s campaign knowing that the source of donations is incredibly important when vying for Montana’s Governorship.

Even worse news for Montana Democrats, however, is the overall enthusiasm behind Republicans running to change the culture of our state’s Executive Branch and the direction of our great state. Of the nearly $2.4 million in campaign contributions from Montanans in the race to be the next Montana Governor, over $1.8 million is behind Republican candidates.

With Republicans outraising their Democrat opponents by nearly a 4:1 margin in Montana, it is clear that Montanans are enthusiastically behind a potential Republican nominee while out of state liberal interests are needed to prop up a leading Democrat’s campaign.