Will Bullock Condemn Missoula’s Dangerous Move to Defund the Police?

HELENA, Mont. – On Wednesday, the Missoula City Council voted to defund the Missoula Police Department to the tune of $122,000.

While Senator Daines quickly condemned the decision, Montanans have yet to hear from liberal Governor Steve Bullock on the issue in Missoula.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. While Helena has delayed the decision by a year, the Governor has chosen to remain silent on the reckless debate to defund School Resource Officers (SROs) who protect our children at school.

Will Governor Bullock speak up for law enforcement in Missoula, or will he stand idly by to appease the liberal mob, the same mob that is bankrolling his campaign, as the Missoula City Council eliminates resources for their already underfunded Police Department?