Tester Labels Republicans ‘Inmates’

HELENA – Just hours after calls for unity and bipartisanship from President Biden, Jon Tester demanded in a Politico article, that radical Democrats from New York and California should maximize their power to fulfill the promises of the Green New Deal, higher taxes, defunding the police, and socialized medicine.

“Chuck Schumer is the majority leader and he should be treated like majority leader. We can get shit done around here and we ought to be focused on getting stuff done. If we don’t, THE INMATES are going to be running this ship.”

Despite the 50-50 split in the Senate, Tester and his liberal colleagues are working to ensure that the new majority bow to Chuck Schumer and remove any incentive for compromise and bipartisanship in Washington to benefit Montana.

After calling his colleagues who oppose Chuck Schumer’s radical agenda ‘inmates,’ it’s clear that what Tester really means by ‘getting stuff done’ is silencing all who disagree with him and fundamentally changing America to appease his boss from New York.

Tester’s inflammatory rhetoric proves he’s willing to do whatever he can to abandon the overwhelming majority of Montanans who soundly rejected defunding the police, higher taxes, court-packing, the Green New Deal, and a government takeover of our health care system this past election.

Montanans deserve better than a Schumer lapdog representing the last best place in the Capitol.