#TBT to Bullock’s Single Issue This Election: Defeating President Trump

As President Donald J. Trump accepts the Republican Nomination for his reelection tonight, we’re throwing it back to Steve Bullock’s failed presidential run last year when he made it clear to every Montanan ….

That his single issue for 2020 is DEFEATING Donald Trump.


Yep, as the Governor of a state that President Trump won by over 20 points, Bullock’s top priority is defeating President Trump. No wonder liberal party bosses Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama forced Bullock to run in the U.S. Senate race… just like Bullock, they despise the President and want to push the Democrat’s radical left-wing agenda on America.

In the Senate, Bullock would be another Trump-hating, Chuck Schumer puppet voting for liberal gun control, sanctuary cities, a carbon tax, D.C. statehood,and packing the U.S. Supreme Court.

Bullock wants to take down President Trump.

Bullock is too liberal for Montana.

Bullock must be defeated this November.