Montana Wages to Fall to 45th Worst in USA

HELENA, Mont. – The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released data for the month of July showing that Montana has the 45th lowest weekly wages in the country.

In July, average weekly earnings in Montana were $844.64 per week, nearly 17% lower than the national average of $1,008.44 per week.

The Montana Republican Party released the following statement in response:

“Every month, Montana posts one of the worst weekly wage averages in the country, and every month, we are reminded of the dire need for new leadership and vision in the Governor’s office – neither of which Mike Cooney can offer,” said Communications Director Brooke Stroyke. “Helena isn’t working for Montana, and it’s time we change that by electing Greg Gianforte as our next Governor to lead Montana’s comeback, create opportunity for Montanans, and help the Treasure State live up to its full potential.”


In July, Congressman Gianforte released his comprehensive plan to revitalize the Treasure State: Montana Comeback Plan. Read about Congressman Gianforte’s plan HERE.