Raph Graybill – Another Hypocrite on Dark Money

HELENA, Mont. – Raph Graybill is taking a page out of his mentor Steve Bullock’s playbook by publicly denouncing dark money except when it directly benefits his campaign.

To date, Graybill’s bid for Attorney General has been fueled by $1 MILLION in dark money from special interest groups. Like Governor Bullock and even Lieutenant Governor Cooney, that doesn’t stop Graybill from hypocritically running on an anti-dark money platform.

The Montana Republican Party issued the following statement in response to Graybill’s dark money hypocrisy:

“As a member of Bullock’s Boys Club, Graybill is following his boss’s lead by claiming he is the candidate to rid elections of dark money while doing the exact opposite behind closed doors,” said Communications Director Brooke Stroyke. “If Raph Graybill cannot be trusted to denounce the dark-money groups fueling his bid for Attorney General, then he certainly cannot be trusted to faithfully execute the duties of the office he seeks.”

Montanans deserve better than a hypocrite as our next Attorney General.