MTGOP Releases New Video: Mike Cooney is for Sale

HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Republican Party today released a new videothat highlights hypocritical career politician Mike Cooney as the number one recipient of out-of-state and special interest dollars in Montana’s gubernatorial race.

Career politician Mike Cooney has welcomed a staggering $12.2 MILLION from outside groups to date, despite his pledge last October to limit outside money in the gubernatorial race. At the time, Cooney pledged to send “a very clear message to outside groups… [to] please stay away.” But today, Cooney is sending outside groups one message and one message only…


Montana Republican Party

Not only has career politician Cooney done a complete 180 to embrace outside cash, but he also welcomes – and relies – on the help of special interest groups.

We would be remiss to forget that Cooney’s ethics violation earlier this year was for politically strategizing with a D.C.-based special interest group on the taxpayer dime. Cooney also has another complaint pending against him for illegally coordinating with that same group.

The bottom line: When career politician Mike Cooney tells Montanans one thing, he’s doing the opposite behind closed doors. From misleading voters on outside spending, to misleading voters on his history of supporting a sales tax, career politician Mike Cooney can’t be taken at his word.