Pro-Abortion, Pro-Defund the Police Group Endorses Career Politician Mike Cooney

Career politician Mike Cooney is the latest Montana Democrat whose pro-abortion track record earned him the endorsement of Planned Parenthood.

As a reminder, Planned Parenthood publicly announced its support for defunding the police earlier this summer – but that didn’t stop Cooney from touting his endorsement from the pro-abortion group on Twitter last week.

Just like his boss, Governor Bullock, career politician Mike Cooney is so extreme that he’d follow Bullock’s suit as Governor by vetoing Born Alive legislation – a bill that would protect newborn babies who survived a failed abortion attempt.

The bottom line: Career politician Mike Cooney embracing his endorsement by a pro-abortion, pro-defund the police group is yet another example of how out of touch Cooney is with Montana.