California Kathleen Williams Earns Another NRA “F” Rating

HELENA, Mont. – The National Rifle Association has come out with their ratings of the candidates running for Montana’s lone congressional seat. California Kathleen Williams earned an “F” rating from the NRA for her dismal record on the Second Amendment.

This isn’t the first time California Kathleen has received an NRA F-rating. During the 2018 primary, Montana Public Radio called Kathleen Williams the strongest supporter of gun control among the Democratic candidates for her support of a semi-automatic weapons ban and proposal to slap a $200 million tax on Montana gun owners. California Kathleen doubled down on her anti-gun record saying she was “proud” of her failing grade on gun rights boasting that the “F” stood for “fearless.”

Matt Rosendale, on the other hand, has always been a staunch defender of our Second Amendment rights, which is why Rosendale once again earned an A-rating from the NRA and received their coveted endorsement in his campaign to be our voice in Congress.

In Montana, we cherish our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms and expect our elected representatives to preserve our way of life. That makes the choice for Montana’s next representative clear: NRA endorsed, A-rated Matt Rosendale,” said Executive Director Spenser Merwin.