Kathleen Williams Endorses Joe Biden for President

HELENA, Mont. – One day after Kathleen Williams refused to answer the question of who she will be supporting for President in the MTN debate, her campaign sent out a fundraising email from Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden on her behalf.

The email sent by the Williams campaign parroted Democratic party talking points accusing President Trump’s Administration of “hatred, racism, and division” and stated that Joe Biden is “running for President because we are better than this” – leaving no room to question that Kathleen Williams will be casting her vote for Joe Biden.

Rather than be transparent with voters during Saturday’s U.S. House debate, Williams tried to hide her support for the radical Biden-Harris agenda of crushing environmental regulations, gun bans, and the largest tax increase in American history.

The Montana Republican Party released the following statement in response:

“Kathleen Williams’ endorsement of Joe Biden for President shows how out-of-touch she is with Montana values. In Joe Biden’s America, taxes will sky-rocket, private health insurance will be eliminated, guns will be confiscated, and American energy independence will be destroyed under crippling Green New Deal regulations,” said Communications Director Brooke Stroyke. “Williams’ buy-in to the radical Biden-Harris agenda completely invalidates her “independent” facade, shows that she will be beholden to Democratic party bosses Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, and exposes her for the California liberal she is.”