Montana Can’t Trust Steve Bullock

HELENA – Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement today following reports that Montana Governor Steve Bullock, despite months and months of on-the-record denials, will be entering the U.S. Senate race.

“Gov. Bullock isn’t actually interested nor does he have the skills or abilities to be a U.S. Senator— he said so himself, he simply couldn’t resist the pressure from Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer. While Bullock stands with the radical left in support of a complete government takeover of health care, sanctuary cities, gun bans, and removing President Trump from office, we’re proud that Senator Daines stands with the people of Montana and works with President Trump to protect our values and defend our way of life.”



Candidly, I just don’t know if I would find being a Senator that compelling.’” (Montana Standard, 2/7/18)

I’ve said earlier that really doesn’t interest me,’ Bullock said in an interview.  (Politico, 11/28/18)

Bullock: ‘I would rule it out. And I have ruled it out.’ (MSNBC, 7/17/19)

AP: Bullock squashes talk of Senate run after presidential bid

“I’ve said before, during and after that I’m not going to be running for Senate,” Bullock said. “I’ve made that clear, that’s just not what I want to do.”(AP, 12/04/2019)

Bullock: ‘You know, Rachel, this wasn’t an either/or. Like I was never going to run for the Senate… And I do think that I have both the skills and abilities as an executive to bridge some divides. That’s the kind of work that I’ve always done… Never been a legislator and have great respect for the senators, but this is something that never really got me excited.’”( MSNBC, 5/15/19)

‘I’ve expressed all along [that] I just don’t have an interest in running for U.S. Senate,’ Bullock said. ‘I think that my skill set, and what I’ve done, I just wouldn’t enjoy it, so I’d ruled it out.’” (Montana Free Press, 3/12/19)