MTGOP Endorses Jim Brown for Montana Supreme Court

March 30, 2022

HELENA, Mont. – At last night’s Executive Board meeting, the Montana Republican Party unanimously voted to endorse PSC Chairman Jim Brown’s election campaign to replace Justice Ingrid Gustafson on the Montana Supreme Court.

Montana Republican Party Chairman, Don “K” Kaltschmidt, released the following statement after the decision:

“Jim Brown has a long and distinguished record of integrity as a private attorney and as a Public Service Commissioner,” Chairman Kaltschmidt said. “The Montana Supreme Court has become politicized as the last lever of power for the Democratic party in Montana, and the last thing Montanans want is six more years of another liberal activist judge. Commissioner Brown will uphold the Constitution, stand for law and order, and never legislate from the bench. Electing Jim Brown, a true constitutional coservative to the Montana Supreme Court, will begin to restore integrity and confidence in Montana’s Judicial system. The Montana Republican Party is proud to support his candidacy and we look forward to seeing him elected in November.”

Governor Gianforte, Senator Daines, Congressman Rosendale, and Attorney General Knudsen all endorsed Commissioner Brown citing his strict judicial philosophy, his experience, and his commitment to the rule of law. Brown will be on the ballot in the primary on June 7th against Justice Gustafson, who is weak on crime and violent criminals, and liberal Helena Judge Mike McMahon, who has a record of opposing the 2nd Amendment. The two candidates receiving the most votes in the primary will advance to the general election in November.