Montana Republican Party Releases Statement on Bullock Senate Run


Montana Republican Party
March 9th, 2020

Montana Republican Party Releases Statement on Bullock Senate Run

The Montana Republican Party released the following statement after Gov. Bullock formally announced he was running for U.S. Senate after months of adamant denials and consistent statements that he was not going to run:

“Governor Bullock is nothing more than Chuck Schumer’s puppet. If it only took one trip to Montana to bully him into running for Senate, can you imagine how easy it will be to get Bullock to vote for the Democrats’ socialist agenda,” said Spenser Merwin, Executive Director of the Montana Republican Party.

“When you look at his record, it’s clear that Bullock has moved further to the left with his support of a semi-automatic weapons ban, the Iran Deal, carbon tax, sanctuary cities, and wanting President Trump impeached and removed from office. Bullock’s in this race to please Chuck Schumer-not to serve the people of Montana.”

Bullock entered the U.S. Senate race after making previous statements that being a U.S. Senator “doesn’t interest him,” he “wouldn’t enjoy it,” and he wouldn’t find it “that compelling.”


February 2018
Bullock: “Candidly, I Just Don’t Know If I Would Find Being A Senator That Compelling.” “Asked about the other 2020 option that many expect him to select – running for the Senate against Republican incumbent Steve Daines – he sounded considerably less enthusiastic. ‘I’ve been attorney general, and governor. I’m used to doing things, getting things done,’ he said. ‘I look at the things we’ve been able to get accomplished, even with three Republican-led Legislatures. We have gotten 91,000 more Montanans health care. We’ve gotten to where 85 percent of Montana schools have fiber connections. Things like that are tangible. ‘Candidly, I just don’t know if I would find being a senator that compelling.'” (David McCumber, “Bullock: 2020 presidential talk is early but interesting. Senate? Not so much,” Montana Standard, 2/7/18)

November 2018
Bullock: “I’ve Said Earlier [The Senate] Really Doesn’t Interest Me… But – Well, No. I Won’t Even Say ‘But.'” “Sen. Jon Tester’s (D-Mont.) 2018 reelection in Montana suggests Democrats could compete against GOP Sen. Steve Daines in 2020, and Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock – who is considering a presidential bid – could be a formidable foe. But it would require serious arm-twisting from Democrats to get him to jump in. ‘I’ve said earlier that really doesn’t interest me,’ Bullock said in an interview. ‘But – well, no. I won’t even say ‘but.”” (James Arkin, “Democrats face Trump-state gauntlet to take Senate in 2020,” Politico, 11/28/18)

March 2019
Bullock: “I’ve Expressed All Along [That] I Just Don’t Have An Interest In Running For U.S. Senate… I Think That My Skill Set, And What I’ve Done, I Just Wouldn’t Enjoy It, So I’d Ruled It Out.” “Bullock acknowledged that some in his party have urged him to challenge Daines, but he thinks there are other Democrats who could take that seat. Besides, he says, he doesn’t want that job. ‘I’ve expressed all along [that] I just don’t have an interest in running for U.S. Senate,’ Bullock said. ‘I think that my skill set, and what I’ve done, I just wouldn’t enjoy it, so I’d ruled it out.'” (John S. Adams, “MT Lowdown Podcast: Gov. Steve Bullock looks back on his political career, discusses legislative priorities, and discusses 2020,” Montana Free Press, 3/12/19)

May 2019
Bullock: “I Was Never Going To Run For The Senate… Never Been A Legislator And Have Great Respect For The Senators, But This Is Something That Never Really Got Me Excited.” “Bullock: ‘You know, Rachel, this wasn’t an either/or. Like I was never going to run for the Senate… And I do think that I have both the skills and abilities as an executive to bridge some divides. That’s the kind of work that I’ve always done… Never been a legislator and have great respect for the senators, but this is something that never really got me excited.'” (“Bullock brings voice of rural voters to Democratic 2020 race,” MSNBC, 5/15/19)





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