Schumer’s New Puppet: Governor Steve Bullock


Montana Republican Party
Schumer’s New Puppet: Governor Steve Bullock

Chuck Schumer is having a great day. He just gained a new puppet in Gov. Steve Bullock.After months and months of denying interest in running for the Senate, as soon as Chuck Schumer got involved, Bullock changed his mind.

He was forced into a race he wasn’t interested inexcited about, or found to be compelling

All it took Schumer was one trip to Montana to bully Bullock into getting in line and reporting to him.

Let’s be clear, Steve Bullock does not report to Montana. Steve Bullock reports to Chuck Schumer.

When it comes to impeaching and removing Trumpbanning semi-automatic weaponssanctuary citiesthe Iran Deal, and a carbon tax, Bullock stands with Schumer and not with Montanans.

Montanans should know they can’t trust Governor Bullock.

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