Montana Democrats Oppose Effort to Stop Gerrymandering

HELENA, Mont. – Today, Montana Democrats attempted to stop legislation designed to prevent the gerrymandering of Montana’s newly gained second Congressional Seat.

H.B. 506 provides criteria for Montana’s Districting and Apportionment Commission to design Congressional Districts that are compact, continuous, and of equal population to ensure Montanans are best represented in our second Congressional seat.
Efforts to gerrymander the new district are already underway, and maps found in the Montana Capitol prove Democrats will go to any length to preserve Nancy Pelosi and her liberal colleagues remain in power in pursuit of their radical agenda.
Montanans expect a nonpartisan and commonsense redistricting process, and the current process and efforts by Democrat operatives should be a serious concern for the people that call Montana home.
This is not about fairness; this is about power.