Montana Business Community Endorses Matt Rosendale

Montanans have two choices in the U.S. House race: a successful businessman with a proven record of supporting pro-growth polices and a plan to reignite the economy, or a far-left activist with a radical anti-business agenda. The contrast couldn’t be more clear:

    • Rosendale wants to expand the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and make it permanent; Williams wants to repeal the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, raising taxes on Montana families and small businesses.
    • Rosendale has always voted to cut taxes for Montanans. In contrast,Williams voted against more than $1 billion in much-needed tax relief and voted to raise taxes by millions of dollars on families and businesses across Montana.
    • Rosendale repealed over 55 regulations as State Auditor and fought to cut red tape in the legislature, Williams supported additional burdensome regulations on Montana farmers and small businesses.
  • Rosendale was twice voted a “Champion of Business” by the Montana Chamber of Commerce, Williams received “F” grades on business issues.

It’s no wonder why the National Federation of Independent Business, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and organizations representing numerous Montana industries endorsed Matt Rosendale, and not a single business group endorsed Extreme Kathleen Williams.

While Matt Rosendale would reignite the economy, Extreme Kathleen would kill jobs, increase taxes, impose crushing new regulations, and wreak havoc on our economy. Montana families and businesses cannot afford Extreme Kathleen Williams.