Arntzen Is The Candidate Montanans Can Trust

In a race for who will be in charge of Montana’s school children and their future, Montanans need somebody they can trust to look after their kids. Elsie Arntzen, as a longtime teacher and legislator, has dedicated her life to serving young Montanans and is the only candidate we can count on to best serve the future of Montana: our students.

Here are the facts:

FACT: As Former Legislator and Teacher Elsie Arntzen Is Uniquely Qualified To Continue Serving As Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • Arntzen’s Experience Enables Her To Provide Real Results With Legislators, For Teachers And Students. “I lead with my 23 years of experience as a public school teacher, as well as 12 years in the Montana legislature. My positive voice and strong relationships make me uniquely qualified to serve as State Superintendent.” (MTPR)

FACT: Elise Arntzen Is Putting Students and America First

  • Arntzen’s Key Initiatives: “Montana Hope: focusing on student mental health. Montana Teach and Montana Learn: centering on setting and helping teachers and students with achievable educational goals. Montana Ready: the program to provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in college as well as in careers in small business, trade industries, the military and post-secondary partnerships.” (MTPR)
  • Artnzen Is Committed To Restoring American Values In Montana. “We must honor our veterans by having strong civics education programs in schools to educate the next generation about the rights and responsibilities that we enjoy as Americans. One way to encourage this is by proudly displaying the stars and stripes in every classroom.” (News Talk)

FACT: Romano Lacks The Judgement To Keep Montana Children Safe, Even From Her Own Family

  • Romano Allowed Her Husband To Continue Teaching Children After His Felony Indictment For Drug Possession. “Eric Lehman, husband of Democratic state superintendent of public instruction candidate Melissa Romano, was found to be in possession of psilocybin mushrooms, one LSD tab, approximately 2 grams of methamphetamine and approximately a gram of cocaine…Lehman resigned from his position as a Hawthorne Elementary School as a fourth- and fifth-grade teacher Nov. 1, about two months after his run-in with highway patrol.” (Helena IR)

Clearly, Romano lacks the judgement to head Montana’s school system and look after Montana’s children. By sharp contrast, Elsie Arntzen has proven she’s ready to continue leading Montana schools through these challenging, unprecedented times.