ICYMI: Tester Puts His Hypocrisy on Full Display, Supports Eliminating Filibuster

Helena, Mont. – Last week, Senator Tester was on All In with Chris Hayes where he admitted that he’s ready to eliminate the filibuster when the time comes to continue fulfilling the radical left’s agenda. Don’t believe us? Check it out HERE.

During the interview, Tester claimed that Republicans are “weaponizing” the filibuster and that’s why he and his Democratic colleagues are ready to eliminate it. But let’s take a look at the facts. Senator Tester voted to filibuster legislation 280 TIMES while Republicans controlled the Senate. For comparison, Senate Republicans have used the filibuster ONE TIME in the last SIX YEARS.

“It’s a shame that Senator Tester has become so far removed from his Montana values that he is willing to flip flop on his positions while selling out to radical progressives in Washington, D.C.” said Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “Montanans see through Tester’s hypocritical charade. If he votes to eliminate the filibuster it will be clear to everyone that his word is for sale, and this time around his pocketbook is being padded by his progressive allies in Washington.”

It was only two years ago that Senator Tester vowed he would NEVER eliminate the filibuster.