Biden BLM Nominee and Radical Environmentalist Tracy Stone-Manning “Collaborated with Eco-Terrorists”

Helena, MT – The Montana Republican Party voiced strong opposition to President Biden’s appointment of longtime environmental extremist and political operative Tracy Stone-Manning to oversee the Bureau of Land Management – and for good reason.

Recent court documents reveal that Stone-Manning, former staffer to Senator Jon Tester and Governor Steve Bullock, “collaborated with eco-terrorists” in a tree spiking plot before trading her court testimony for legal immunity in the early 1990’s. Many members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee have rightfully expressed outrage over her involvement in the scheme, as tree spiking is a dangerous and violent tactic meant to cause harm to loggers and forest products workers.

Tracy Stone-Manning’s involvement in this incident is more than enough to disqualify her from leading the United States Government’s largest land management agency, and her background in leading dark money organizations that spent millions in pursuit of an extreme agenda to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline and harm Montana’s farm and ranch communities further displays the harm she will due at the helm of the BLM.


  • Worked for and even led several radical environmental organizations known for extreme approaches including EarthFirst! and the Montana Conservation Voters, which is funded by dark money out of Washington, D.C.
  • Supported out-of-mainstream views such as: breaching dams, cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, stopping federal energy development, and massive wilderness designations without local support.
  • Opposed bipartisan, collaborative policies such as the Lewistown RMP, sage grouse plan amendments, and the relocation of the BLM headquarters to the West.