#FBF: Career Politician Mike Cooney’s Vision for Montana Bores His Own Boss to Sleep

#FBF to early this summer, when career politician Mike Cooney bored his boss, Governor Bullock, to sleep while sharing his ‘vision’ for Montana.

Bullock falls asleep.

For once, we’re right there with you Bullock…😴

All that career politician Mike Cooney’s ‘vision’ means is more taxes andmore spending at the expense hardworking Montanans. Just look at Cooney’s record!

    • Over the last 44 years, career politician Mike Cooney has supported a hefty $850 MILLION in higher taxes and fees on Montanans.


  • Not to mention, he has supported over $3 BILLION in spending by the State of Montana.

While there’s nothing exciting about career politician Mike Cooney’s wild tax-and-spend agenda, Montanans do have a reason to be excited this November.

As a proven business leader and entrepreneur, Congressman Greg Gianforte will usher in a new decade of growth for Montana by revitalizing our economy, changing the way Helena does business, and providing more opportunities for Montanans to live out their dreams in the Treasure State.

Now that’s a vision for Montana that we can get behind!