Tester Votes for Democrats “Abortion For All” Bill

May 12, 2022

HELENA, Mont. – Senator Jon Tester voted with 48 other Democrats in favor of the most radical piece of pro-abortion legislation in United States history. If passed, the legislation would mandate access to abortion with effectively no limits nationwide. Thankfully, the effort was blocked as all 50 Republicans were joined by Democrat Senator Joe Manchin in opposing this bill. In response to Tester’s vote, Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement:

“Jon Tester has once again proved he is beholden to the far left, siding with Chuck Schumer and his radical posse of D.C. Democrats by trying to jam the most extreme anti-life bill through the United States Senate,” Chairman Kaltschmidt said. “Not only would this bill have circumvented the federal court system in codifying Roe v. Wade, it would have been much worse than that. This bill would have allowed non-doctors to perform abortions, rolled back existing bans on late-term abortions, removed consciousness objections for pro-life doctors, and would have allowed abortion on demand for virtually any reason, up until the moment of birth. The media should stop giving Jon Tester the honor of being called a “moderate” and call him what he really is – just another pawn of the Biden administration and their extreme agenda.”

Not only was the Democrat’s bill the most radical abortion bill in history, but Jon Tester and his fellow Democrat senators knew it was so bad, they blatantly lied about what the bill would have accomplished. Even Democrat Senator Joe Manchin stated “They’re trying to make people believe that this is the same thing as codifying Roe v. Wade. And I want you to know, it’s not. This is not the same. It expands abortion.”

Sadly, this isn’t Senator Tester’s first attempt to pass extreme pro-abortion legislation. to In February, Tester voted to advance to “Abortion on Demand Act” bill that would have made abortion on-demand a federal law. Tester also has continued to support tax-payer funded abortion, despite the majority of Americans supporting the Hyde Amendment.

Thankfully, founder and chairman of the Senate Pro-Life Caucus and Montana Senator Steve Daines voted against the radical anti-life legislation saying, “The Democrats’ abortion bill would codify an extreme abortion regime that is aligned with brutal nations such as China and North Korea – which would impose abortion up until the moment of birth without any limits in all 50 states. In a nutshell, this radical bill would make the United States of America one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a preborn child.”

Congressman Matt Rosendale also spoke up against the Democrats pro-abortion push, sharing he will oppose any pro-abortion legislation that may come to the floor of the U.S. House in the coming weeks.