Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Election Integrity

Helena, Mont. – Today, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of election integrity by upholding Arizona’s election laws in a 6-3 decision. The monumental decision rightfully acknowledges that states have the authority to enact voting security measures without violating anyone’s right to cast his or her ballot.

“Today’s ruling is a monumental victory for champions of election integrity across the country,” said Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “During the 67th Legislative Session, our leaders in Helena strengthened the integrity of our elections by passing commonsense security measures like requiring photo ID and preventing paid political operatives from the mass gathering of ballots. The Montana Republican Party strongly supported these efforts in Montana, and I applaud the Supreme Court for their decision today which upholds our view that states have the authority to enact our own election security measures.”

In Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed two critical bills to strengthen election security and ensure Montana is a leader in election integrity. Immediately following the passage of these bills, the Montana Democrat Party filed suit in a last ditch effort to circumvent the will of Montana voters that overwhelmingly supported Republicans at every level of Government in the 2020 election.

The Arizona laws at the heart of the decision prevented anyone other than the individual, family, and caregivers from collecting and delivering a completed ballot, and a long standing policy that votes cast in the wrong precinct may be discarded.

Montana had a similar law challenged and ultimately struck down by the Montana Supreme Court, however, a recent version of the ballot security measure that passed the Legislature and was signed into law is currently under litigation in Montana. This SCOTUS ruling is welcomed news in regards to the merits of those measures currently in the Montana judicial system.