SHOT/CHASER: Bullock Blames Daines for Montanans Going Without Relief; Then Admits Montana Has the Federal Funding It Needs 

SHOT: Sitting on over $1 billion in federal aid from the month of March, Governor Bullock blamed Senator Daines last week for “our local governments, schools, postal service, and unemployed workers” going without relief.

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CHASER: Remembering that President Trump and Senator Daines provided Montana $1.25 billion this spring, Bullock admitted today Montana does not need more federal funding to weather the pandemic.

Did you see this?

The bottom line: Governor Bullock has had 115 days to disburse the $1.25 billion provided to Montanans, yet he has only gotten 20% out of the door. The reason Montana small businesses, schools, unemployed workers, and small businesses continue to suffer is because Governor Bullock sits on $1 billion in aid.