Sen. Tester, Congressional Democrats Push for Reckless Tax and Spend Spree

Helena, MT– Senator Tester (D-Mont.) and all Senate Democrats are working to pass a massive $3.5 trillion spending bill to pursue their far-Left, socialist agenda at the expense of Montana taxpayers.

“With inflation at the highest it’s been since 2008, it is appalling that Democrats in Washington D.C. are pushing for another massive pork filled spending bill to pursue their radical priorities,” said Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “Montanans are already seeing their pockets shrink every time they go to the grocery store, gas station, or even when shopping for appliances. This tax and spend spree will hurt hard working Montanans, increase taxes, and result in even higher inflation. It is time the Administration and Democrats in Congress put the American people before their far-left priorities.”

While Senator Jon Tester claims the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package will be fully paid for, the reality is that the bill is equivalent to $27,000 in new spending for every single household in America. This reckless spending package will increase taxes on Montana families and agriculture businesses and lead to runaway inflation, causing price increases on everyday goods for all Americans. It would create the largest expansion of welfare benefits since the 1960’s, provide amnesty for illegal immigrants during the middle of a border crisis, and include portions of the left’s Green New Deal, particularly forcing utilities to reduce fossil fuel usage or face fines.