Safe Travels to Iowa (On Our Dime)!

Welcome to Day 3! Our dedicated Governor Bullock arrives in Iowa today for a three-day swing through Des Moines, Newton, Independence, Dubuque, Maquoketa, Clinton, and Davenport.

You got that right – our Montana Governor arrives in Iowa today to chase his hopeless presidential dreams.

And while he jet-sets off to Iowa for his long-shot bid to challenge President Trump, many Montanans are asking (rightfully so) who exactly will govern Montana.

In addition to abandoning his job as Governor, he’s also leaving the Montana taxpayer to foot the bill for his executive protection while he’s out-of-state on the campaign trail.

Seriously – Every time Bullock leaves the state for a campaign event or fundraiser, or to rub shoulders and schmooze with lobbyists and liberal special interests at high-end dinners – the Montana taxpayer is picking up the tab for his executive protection.

And – it’s not a small amount either – we’ve already paid $309,420 in taxpayer dollars for Governor Bullock to campaign on our dime! And that number is only going to increase now that he’s officially running to defeat President Trump!

We deserve to know why the Montana taxpayer should have to swallow the cost of his executive protection when he’s out campaigning and not doing his job as Governor.