Rosendale Secures Victory in Debate Against Ronning and Buchanan

Montana Republican Party
October 7, 2022
Contact: madison@mtgop.orgHELENA, Mont. – Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt issued the following statement in response to Matt Rosendale’s sweeping victory in the latest candidate debate against his liberal opponents Penny Ronning and Gary Buchanan for the Eastern Montana U.S. House seat.

“Tonight made it clear once again – Matt Rosendale is the obvious choice for voters in Montana’s Second Congressional District. Both of Matt’s opponents have made it clear they stand with D.C. Democrats and would vote in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi’s and Joe Biden’s liberal agenda. Instead of fighting to combat inflation, address the out-of-control border crisis and promote policies that will help stop the increase of drugs flowing into our country, Ronning and Buchanan are campaigning on personal attacks instead of focusing on the needs of Montanans,” said Kaltschmidt.

“In Congress, Matt Rosendale has proven to be an effective leader for our state and Montanans can count on him to make the right choices. Last night’s comments from both Ronning and Buchanan confirm that Republican leadership is needed now more than ever. Eastern Montana couldn’t have an easier choice to make – Re-Elect Matt Rosendale!”

Congressman Matt Rosendale has been a fighter for the rights and freedoms of Montanans during his two years in Congress. He has introduced and supported legislation to help our Veterans, combat inflation, secure our southern border, unleash American energy independence, and stood up for our Montana values.

Matt Rosendale is running for re-election in Montana’s Eastern Congressional District. To learn more about Matt and his platform, visit his website. In the case you weren’t able to watch the debate live, you can rewatch the debate HERE.