RELEASE: Raph Graybill Must Condemn Peer for Urging Burning of America

HELENA, Mont. – This week, amid riots nationwide and massive property destruction and loss of life, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey remarked, “America is burning. But that’s how forests grow.” As American cities burn and looters continue to infiltrate peaceful demonstrations to incite violence and destroy minority businesses, churches, and attack police officers, top Democrat Healey publicly urged the continued “burning” of America.

Raph Graybill has a duty, as a candidate for the top law enforcement officer position in Montana, to immediately condemn these incendiary comments. Maura Healey is Co-Chair of the Democratic Attorneys General Association, a liberal group that has endorsed Raph Graybill and will pour millions into his race this year. 

Will Raph Graybill condemn this inflammatory rhetoric? Or will he support his fellow liberal and condone lawlessness, inciting more division and destruction?