MTGOP Statement on Gov. Bullock’s Run for President

Helena, Montana – Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, Debra Lamm, released the following statement today after Governor Bullock announced he is running for President of the United States:

Governor Bullock joins a long list of 20-plus Democrats hoping to take on and defeat President Trump, and he’s doing it at the Montana taxpayers’ expense. Montanans are footing his campaign bill so he can jet-set off and raise millions of dollars from lobbyists, special interests, and liberal activists. Just because Gov. Bullock’s ego thinks he can become President of the United States doesn’t mean that hard-working Montanans should be left picking up a nearly $300,000 tab to pay for his pipe dream.”


HB 693 was introduced during the 2019 Legislative session to address campaign travel reimbursement for Montana’s statewide elected officials.

In the fiscal analysis, the Montana Highway Patrol estimated that Governor Bullock’s out-of-state campaign travel for 2019 is expected to cost taxpayers $273,000.