MTGOP: “Senator Tester No Longer Represents Montana”

HELENA – Senator Tester voted alongside Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democrat Policy Czar Bernie Sanders to hand Montana taxpayers nearly $2 trillion in new spending to deliver a wish list of liberal priorities to out-of-touch elitist donors, while less than 10 percent of taxpayer dollars will actually provide funds to combat the pandemic.

Montana Republican Party Don “K” Kaltschmidt issued the following statement after Senator Tester cast the deciding vote to saddle Montana taxpayers with enormous debt:

“Senator Tester can no longer say he is standing up for the interests of Montanans following his decision to cast the deciding vote in favor of a liberal wish-list disguised as Covid-19 relief on behalf Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer,” said Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “Not only is Senator Tester sticking Montana taxpayers with nearly $2 trillion in partisan debt, but he supports sending stimulus checks to illegal immigrants, providing tax-dollars to fund abortions and Planned Parenthood, and discriminatory agriculture bailouts to the detriment of Montana farmers. Senator Tester even refused to oppose sanctuary cities, and refused to open our schools to our students despite saying that was a requirement in order to gain his support.

This is not the first time Senator Tester decided to ‘trade in his boots for flip-flops’ in Biden’s America, however, as he continues to manipulate his ‘support’ for the Keystone XL Pipeline in order to do Chuck Schumer’s bidding. Senator Tester’s hypocrisy on this issue is costing jobs every time he continues to vote with Democrats to prevent a simple majority from moving the project forward, and he knows it.

Today, Senator Tester would rather side with partisan Democrats to advance President Biden’s extreme agenda than stand up for the overwhelming majority of Montanans that firmly rejected these ideals less than six months ago.”

Senate Democrats are united in what they believe should be included in legislation to provide relief to the American people during a pandemic, and Senator Tester is happy to stand with them. Examples include: