MTGOP Issues Correction to Letter Falsely Criticizing Senator Steve Daines

On Monday, a letter was sent to members of the Press criticizing Senator Steve Daines and the Montana Water Rights Protection Act, which was signed in to law by the Trump Administration.

MTGOP Vice Chair Lola Sheldon-Galloway issued the following statement in response:

“As Vice Chair of the Montana Republican Party, I did not consent to have my name attached to a letter criticizing Senator Daines’ work with President Trump’s administration to pass the Montana Water Rights Protection Act. The letter and release were sent by a former legislative staffer who acted carelessly and without my approval. The Montana Republican Party never took a formal position on the Montana Water Rights Protection Act, which ultimately received support from President Trump’s Administration and was recently signed into law by the President. However, the MTGOP did unanimously endorse his re-election, and we were proud to play a role in his historic election night victory.”

On Background:

  • The letter in question was written and driven by a disgruntled staffer who continues to choose dysfunction and dishonesty everywhere he lands, where most recently he was an embarrassment for the Public Service Commission.


  • The staffer who wrote this letter does not speak on behalf of the Montana Republican Party or newly elected Republican Legislative Leadership.


  • Moving forward, if any statements are made or questions arise regarding policy positions of MTGOP, they should be checked with MTGOP leadership, as the opinions expressed in the letter do not reflect the MTGOP’s current position.