MTGOP Expresses Alarm at Gallatin County Elections Office Failure to Properly Secure Ballots and Allow Poll Watchers at Places of Deposit

HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Republican Party’s legal counsel today sent a letter to the Gallatin County Elections Office expressing concern regarding the office’s failure to properly secure ballots delivered to places of deposit and to fully comply with Montana law regarding poll watchers’ ability to maintain citizen oversight over the voting process in Gallatin County.

“These questions involve the security measures at the places of deposit in Gallatin County, as well as other state law compliance concerns related to the places of deposit,” the letter states. “In addition, you have apparently taken the position that the places of deposit are exempt from Montana statutes authorizing the political parties to designate poll watchers for the purpose of observing the voting process and ensuring transparency in Montana’s elections.”

“Your hostility to MTGOP’s statutorily authorized poll watchers at places of deposit and your edict regarding Mr. King in particular are unacceptable. We have trained and instructed all poll watchers not to take any actions or make any statements that would intimidate or harass any voter or interfere with the voting process and they have not engaged in such behavior,” the letter continues.

The letter makes a number of requests from the Gallatin County Elections Office including a published schedule for the pickup of ballot boxes at each place of deposit, protocols for transporting ballots from the places of deposit to the election administration office, and confirmation that there will be no more interference between the office and MTGOP poll watchers.

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