Montana Republican Party Presidential Electors Cast Votes in favor of President Trump

HELENA, MT: Today, the 2020 Presidential Electors selected by the Montana Republican Party cast Montana’s three electoral votes in favor of President Donald J. Trump at the State Capitol in Helena, MT.

Montana Republican Party

Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement after Presidential Electors Thelma Baker (Missoula, MT), Becky Stockton (Helena, MT), and Brad Tschida (Missoula, MT) cast their votes:

“Montana’s voice was heard loud and clear on November 3rd when Republicans swept every statewide office and legislative candidates rode a red wave to majorities in both Chambers of the Montana Legislature,” said Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “President Trump’s decisive victory at the top of the ticket produced a historic night for the Montana Republican Party at every level of Government, and enthusiasm within our party has never been higher.

President Trump’s America First agenda and commitment to creating jobs, cutting taxes, shrinking the size of government, sticking up for blue-collar workers, and relentlessly defending civil liberties will continue driving the MTGOP’s commitment to protecting our Montana way of life.

With Montana finally in Republican hands thanks to strong support for President Trump, our party is ready to change the way Helena does business and usher in a new era of leadership that will bring more high-paying jobs to our state and restore customer service to state government. There is no doubt that Montana’s best days lie ahead.”

In June of 2020, the Montana Republican Party met virtually for its Convention where Presidential Electors and Alternate Presidential Electors were selected by members of the Montana Republican State Central Committee. Those selections are listed below:

Presidential Electors:
Brad Tschida, Chairman, Missoula, MT
Becky Stockton, Secretary, Helena, MT
Thelma Baker, Missoula, MT

Alternate Electors:
Lola Sheldon – Galloway, Great Falls, MT
John Brenden, Scobey, MT
Cleve Loney, Great Falls, MT