Montana Agriculture Endorses Matt Rosendale

Montana’s largest agriculture organization, the Montana Farm Bureau Federation as well as the largest family ranching organization, the Montana Stockgrowers Association, have proudly endorsed Matt Rosendale for U.S. Congress.

That’s because Rosendale will always be an ally to the agricultural community, meanwhile Extreme Kathleen Williams’ radical far-left agenda threatens farmers and ranchers all across Montana.

    • Extreme Kathleen voted twice against cutting the business equipment tax, a top priority for farmers and ranchers, while Rosendale voted to cut the business equipment tax every time.
    • Extreme Kathleen wants to repeal the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, which would raise taxes and take away the ability to immediately expense agriculture equipment. Rosendale wants to make the tax cuts permanent and expand expensing provisions.
    • Kathleen supports the death tax which prevents farmers and ranchers from passing their operations down from generation to generation. Rosendale wants to repeal the death tax.
    • If taxing Montanans for dying isn’t radical enough, Extreme Kathleen supports Green New Deal polices, which would crush our agriculture industry. Matt will always be a staunch opponent of the Green New Deal.

It’s no wonder that Extreme Kathleen doesn’t have any agriculture group endorsements, she’d be a disaster for Montana agriculture.

Montana’s farmers and ranchers need Matt Rosendale.