Kathleen Williams: Silence for 64 Days and Counting

It has been 64 days since Speaker Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, and 26 days since the Democrats voted to formalize its witch-hunt despite bipartisan opposition.

The consequences of this action were seen in the last 14 days, where 12 witnesses consumed more than 30 hours of lawmakers’ time over the course of five public hearings.

It is clear the partisan appetite to overthrow the President on the Left is so high that just about every Democrat Presidential Candidate, including Governor Steve Bullock, is in support of impeachment. However, Montanans still do not know where Congressional Candidate Kathleen Williams stands on this issue.

With an expected hearing in the Judiciary Committee next week, Montanans deserve to know how candidates for Montana’s at-large Congressional seat would vote should he or she be Montana’s lone voice in the House of Representatives.

Fellow Democrat candidate Rep. Tom Winter (HD-96 ) immediately agreed with Speaker Pelosi on the need to impeach the President, yet 64 days later Williams continues to remain silent amidst this partisan effort.

Montanans need to know if Kathleen Williams would side with Nancy Pelosi and Radical Democrats, or whether she would oppose this charade and work to pass legislation like the USMCA Trade Agreement on behalf of Montana’s farmers and ranchers.

The Montana Republican Party believes this process has been a political stunt from the beginning, and Kathleen Williams’ 64 days of silence on this issue should not be ignored.