Kathleen Williams Roots Against our Economic Recovery

As our country begins to ramp up its economic recovery, California Kathleen Williams has revealed once again how out of touch she is with the needs of Montana’s small businesses, their employees, and retirees who are trying to get back up on their feet.

After months of Montanans suffering amid job losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, California Kathleen is doubling-down on her Berkeley–born philosophy to root against America’s economic recovery – refusing to acknowledge that the Trump Administration’s pro-business policies which she fervently opposes are paying off for Montanans.

Kathleen Williams tweet

California Kathleen’s commitment to liberal extremism should come as no surprise.

In the state legislature, she forged a job-killing, anti-business record that would even make Bernie Sanders blush.

From her support of new regulations on farmers and small businesses to her support of millions in new taxes and fees—it’s clear that California Kathleen’s extreme agenda would not just put our economic recovery in jeopardy, but lead to massive job loss and economic stagnation.

Despite job and retail sales numbers rising, folks getting back to work, and small businesses reopening, California Kathleen would rather lament this positive news for our state and openly crusade against President Trump’s economic recovery to appease the liberal elites bankrolling her campaign.

Montana cannot afford California Kathleen’s extremism.