“IOU” – Governor Bullock

Yesterday, Montanans hoped to hear from Governor Bullock on why he has failed to get $1.25B in COVID-19 relief out of the door. But instead… we heard from a politician trying to save face.

In his remarks, he focused almost exclusively on the dollars that he has allocated – rather than the few dollars that he has actually distributed.

Here’s the lesson, Governor: money distributed, NOT money allocated, is what matters for Montana families and Main Street businesses.

Governor Bullock can spin this any way he wants but the facts are:

  • Less than 10% of these funds have actually been put in the hands of those that need it.
  • That’s over $1 billion still sitting in Helena that has not been distributed to workers, families, and our communities who need relief.

The bottom line: Bullock owes Montana one big ‘IOU’ for the money he has yet to distribute.