Cooney Thinks the Economy’s Fine? Not So Fast

As Greg Gianforte is lauded for his Montana Comeback Plan to revitalize the Treasure State, career politician Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney is trying – and failing – to flip the script.

Despite Montana being ranked 44th in the nation for wages, and economists predicting that Montana’s economy will need years to recover from this pandemic, the Cooney campaign wants Montanans to believe that everything is fine… thanks to his leadership. From Yellowstone Public Radio:

“In a prepared statement, a campaign spokesperson for Democratic gubernatorial candidate and current Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney said it’s disingenuous to say Montana’s economy needs a comeback, due to the leadership of Bullock and Cooney during the pandemic.”

Montanans who have lost their job or had to shut down their business would disagree. So would an expert in the Bullock-Cooney Administration. From KPAX:

“Montana Department of Labor and Industries chief economist Barbra Wagner… estimates it could be until 2023 before Montana makes a full economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Mike Cooney’s arrogant denial that Montana needs an economic comeback proves how out-of-touch he is. After four decades of running for office, Cooney is simply unfit to lead Montana into the next decade.