ICYMI: Montanans Want to Finish the Wall on the Southern Border, Why Doesn’t Senator Tester?

HELENA, MT – Last week, The United States Senate including Montana’s own Jon Tester had an opportunity to support additional border wall construction which would have provided relief to the illegal-immigration crisis along our nation’s Southern border. What comes as no surprise to Montanans however, is that Senator Tester sided with his far-left allies and voted against border wall construction, AGAIN.

“It comes as no surprise that Senator Tester continues to side with his progressive far-left allies in Washington when it comes to illegal, unchecked, open border immigration policies,” said Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “In the last election, Montanans overwhelmingly voted for a Republican ticket that supports the completion of the Southern border. Senator Tester continues to prove to us that after spending over a decade in the swamp, he’s out of touch with Montanans.”

Last Thursday, the United States Senate voted on an Amendment that would have stopped the cancellation of already approved and funded southern border wall construction contracts. The amendment that would have allowed construction to continue failed, showing that Senator Tester and his “progressive” far-left allies believe that the ongoing illegal immigration crisis should remain unchecked on our Southern border.