ICYMI: Montana Board of Regents Ignores 2nd Amendment, Seeks Lawsuit Against Legal Campus Carry

HELENA, MT – While Montanans across the state have been celebrating the successful expansion of their 2nd Amendment rights, the Montana Board of Regents announced they would be filing a lawsuit to block constitutional carry on university campuses.

“Montana’s Board of Regents is not only ignoring the will of Montanans, but they are trying to claim that their opinions outweigh the facts written in our Constitution,” said MTGOP Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “This is just another sad attempt by institutions that are unhappy with the outcome of the last election to undermine the legislative process and the Constitutional rights of Montanans.”

Last week, the Board of Regents announced they will be filing a lawsuit with the Montana Supreme Court to challenge Montanan’s constitutional right to carry a firearm on Montana universities that was included in HB 102 that was signed into law in February.