#FBF: Mike Cooney’s Sales Tax — 4% in ’04

#FBF to 2004, when career politician Mike Cooney worked on a bill to impose a 4% sales tax on hardworking Montanans – the maximum allowed under the Montana Constitution.

Fortunately, career politician Mike Cooney’s sales tax bill died, but tax-and-spend Cooney didn’t stop there.

In 2005, career politician Mike Cooney voted for a “local option” sales tax, which allows local governments to enact a sales tax on everything from food to lodging.

Thankfully for Montanans, the local sales tax Mike Cooney and the Democrats supported died – just like Mike Cooney’s statewide sales tax.

But even then… Cooney wasn’t done! He tried and failed AGAIN to pass a local option sales tax in 2007.

This kind of pattern is unsurprising from Mike Cooney, a 44-year career politician who’s supported $850 million in higher taxes and fees on hardworking Montanans.

Montana just can’t afford career politician Mike Cooney in the governor’s office.

When faced with a problem, Cooney’s solution is simple: Just Tax It!