Extreme Kathleen’s Silence is Violence

For months, Democrats have bowed to the liberal mob calling to ‘defund the police,’ and refusing to support law enforcement. The result has been utter chaos and lawlessness nationwide.

Fueled by far-left politicians, ‘defund the police’ is happening right here in Montana – in Helena, Bozeman and Missoula. Extreme Kathleen Williams remains silent – repeatedly refusing to voice support for law enforcement and condemn these dangerous efforts to defund the police.

Does Extreme Kathleen stay silent to appease fellow San Francisco native Nancy Pelosi? Or, does California Kathleen actually want to bring what’s happening in her home state to the Treasure State?

Either way, Extreme Kathleen Williams is far too radical to trust as our sole representative in Congress. She’ll bow to the liberal mob and be another silent follower of the far-left in Washington.

In Montana, we defend our police – not defund. We need a leader committed to protecting Montana values and keeping our communities safe, but you won’t get that from Extreme Kathleen Williams.