Career Politician Cooney Has Always Played Fast-and-Loose with the Rules

#FBF to 2002, when two Helena women filed a complaint against career politician Mike Cooney for campaigning with official resources and violating the public trust.

Unfortunately for Montana, this wasn’t enough for Cooney to learn his lesson.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, career politician Mike Cooney was caught breaking Montana ethics rules again by campaigning in his official office.

You have to see this

If career politician Mike Cooney can’t be trusted after 44 YEARS in government to follow Montana ethics rules, then how can he be trusted to lead Montana?

After collecting over $1 MILLION in taxpayer-funded paychecks and supporting over $800 MILLION in higher taxes and fees on Montanans, it’s clear that Cooney’s in this race for himself – not Montana.