Bullock Jet-Sets Off to New Hampshire This Weekend

How many trips will Gov. Bullock make to Iowa and New Hampshire before he announces his grand ambitions to run for President of the United States?

Bullock has already been to Iowa three times this year during the Legislative session, and this weekend he jet-sets off to New Hampshire to attend a Snowflake Reception hosted by a local Democrat group and will also celebrate the 40th Birthday of the New Hampshire Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Dan Feltes.

There’s also the matter that Chuck Schumer is begging Bullock to enter the U.S. Senate race against Daines – where Bullock would no doubt be another puppet for Schumer and the far-left liberal agenda.

In just a short amount of time, Bullock has moved quickly to the left as he strives to stay in lock-step with his radicalized Party …

  • Bullock has done a 180 and is doubling-down on his support for universal background checks and a ban on semi-automatic guns
  • Bullock denounced President Trump’s efforts to secure our border and build the wall. As criminals, drugs, and human traffickers flood across our border, Bullock doesn’t believe that’s an emergency that our country should address.
  • Bullock is actively pushing a universal, government-run pre-Keducation program for our kids.
  • Lastly, Bullock is the latest Democrat embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. He refused and even concealed the fact to a future employer that his close friend and trusted adviser was fired for sexual harassment. This individual would later be accused of sexually harassing two more women in this new job.

Now whether Bullock’s running for President or U.S. Senate, there’s no doubt that he will be another loyal foot soldier for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Expect even more out-of-state travel from Gov. Bullock over the coming months as he looks to higher office….