Bullock Bows to Schumer & Obama’s Demands

Helena, Montana – The Montana Republican Party today released a new online video highlighting the real reason Gov. Steve Bullock is reported to enter Montana’s U.S. Senate race.

After private meetings with Obama and Schumer, Gov. Bullock bowed to their demands and all signs now point towards a pending Senate announcement in the coming days. This comes despite repeated, adamant denials about a Senate run, and his clear articulation that he wasn’t interested, nor would he find it compelling to be a U.S. Senator.

Click HERE to watch the video

“Montanans have seen this song and dance before – the Democrat elite meddling in our elections in an attempt to buy our U.S. Senate seat. Gov. Bullock’s abrupt reversal came immediately following private meetings with Obama and Schumer. It proves Bullock stands with them and is loyal to their wishes–not Montanans. We won’t let Bullock-Obama-Schumer steal this election.”



Montana Free Press: “I’ve expressed all along [that] I just don’t have an interest in running for U.S. Senate,” Bullock told the Montana Lowdown Podcast in March. “I think that my skill set, and what I’ve done, I just wouldn’t enjoy it, so I’d ruled it out.”

Montana Standard: “Candidly, I just don’t know if I would find being a senator that compelling.”

MSNBC: Bullock: “I was never going to run for the Senate… this is something that never really got me excited.’”

AP: “I’ve said before, during and after that I’m not going to be running for Senate,” Bullock said. “I’ve made that clear, that’s just not what I want to do.”

KTVQ: Report: Bullock meets privately with Obama in D.C.

Great Falls Tribune: Schumer tries to get Bullock to run for Senate