Biden Administration, Tester Continue to Defend Eco-Terrorist Tracy Stone-Manning who called for Population Control

Helena, Mont. – President Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management, who also served as a senior staffer for Senator Jon Tester, continues to be defended by President Biden, despite shocking new revelations during the nomination process.

“It is truly disturbing that Senator Tester, along with the Biden administration, have continued to support a nominee who has not only violated Senate Ethics rules by taking a gift from a Tester donor while serving as his staffer, but has ties to an eco-terrorist plot and blatantly lied to federal investigators,” Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt said. “Stone-Manning is so radical, she even called for population control and referred to a human child as an environmental hazard. Her extreme history should immediately disqualify her from leading the largest land management agency in the country. It’s time Jon Tester backs down and admits Stone-Manning is a bad choice to lead any agency in this country.”

Stone-Manning previously served as Senator Tester’s Regional Director and as Chief of Staff for Governor Steve Bullock. She also worked for several extreme, dark money environmental organizations including Montana Conservation Voters.

According to MSNBC, White House officials have even admitted that Stone-Manning’s nomination was “a massive vetting failure.” However, despite her actions, Senator Tester has continued to ignore the facts and says he is glad to see her nomination moving forward.

Senator Tester needs to stand with the people of Montana and their values, instead of caving to the far left and supporting another radical Biden administration nominee.