50 days of Sen. Tester trading his boots in for flip-flops

HELENA, Mont. – It was just 50 days ago that Senator Tester abandoned his promises for bipartisanship and traded in his boots for flip-flops by casting the deciding vote to pass Chuck Schumer’s partisan budget resolution that set the stage for the $1.9 trillion liberal wish list earlier this year.

Senator Tester could have singlehandedly saved the Keystone pipeline, but he caved to radical environmentalists instead. Senator Tester’s hypocrisy on Keystone XL continues costing jobs and much-needed local tax revenue every time he continues to vote with Democrats to prevent a simple majority from moving the project forward, and he knows it.

The 50 days of flip-flops continued when Senator Tester refused to oppose sanctuary cities and refused to open our schools despite saying that was a requirement to gain his support.

Nonetheless, Senator Tester went back on his word and voted alongside Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democrat Policy Czar Bernie Sanders to hand Montana taxpayers nearly $2 trillion in partisan debt to deliver a wish list of liberal priorities to out-of-touch elitist donors.

While passing the $1.9 trillion liberal wish list disguised as “Covid relief,” Tester was the deciding vote for:

From supporting DC Statehood to confirming the most radical HHS secretary in American history, Senator Tester now repeatedly sides with partisan Democrats to advance President Biden’s far-Left agenda instead of standing up for the interests of Montanans.

As DC Democrats continue making blatant power-grabs to change our way of life, Democrat party bosses know that they count on Senator Tester’s vote to advance their radical agenda. Montanans deserve better from Senator Tester.

SIGN our petition to hold Senator Tester accountable and let him know Montanans expect him to stand up for Montana, not President Biden’s extreme agenda or Bernie Sanders progressive wish list!