The MIGHTY Steve Bullock: Cut from debate, polling at 0%, wasting our tax dollars

Bullock’s ego is so large that he has anointed himself the sole person in America who will not only be President Trump’s toughest challenger but the one who can defeat him in 2020.

We’re not exaggerating how high and mighty Bullock thinks of himself – just take a look at this headline…

San Fransico Chronicle headline

The only problem: Bullock’s registering 0% in the latest Iowa poll!

While 20 other candidates will have a seat at the debate, Bullock’s doing such a poor job running for president (no surprise there), he was dropped from participating in the first debate altogether.

Politico headline

This is more than a set-back for Bullock. The fact that he can’t even meet the minimum debate requirement – to register 1% in the polls – shows just how pathetic his run for president is going.

But, Bullock has become quite skilled in one area: Jet-setting across the country campaigning and raising gobs of money from lobbyists and special interests – all with Montana taxpayers footing the bill!

Earlier last week he flew off to California to mingle with the Hollywood elites. For the last several days he’s been back in Iowa – his third trip since announcing for president a few weeks ago – and it’s Montanans who are paying for his campaign security costs.

The bottom line: Bullock has no business running for president. It’s a fool’s errand. A pipe-dream. He’s so far out of his league it’s laughable – and yet he continues to waste hundreds of thousands of our hard-earned tax dollars to do so. We deserve better.