Tester’s New Ad Can’t Hide Support for Biden’s Border Bloodbath

Two-faced Jon Tester (D-MT) just came out with a new ad trying to distance himself from Joe Biden’s border bloodbath, but Tester can’t continue to pull the wool over voters’ eyes by hiding his voting record.

While Jon Tester desperately claims he’s worked with Republicans to secure the border, his voting record paints a VERY different picture. Two-faced Tester has a record of supporting Joe Biden’s disastrous open-border policies, which have led to an invasion at the Southern border.

“Montanans have had enough of two-faced Tester’s lies. His voting record and support for Joe Biden have aided and abetted an invasion of our country – there’s no doubt about it. Come November, Montanans are going to retire Jon Tester for good and help put a stop to Biden’s border bloodbath.” – Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt.


  • Jon Tester has voted against the Laken Riley Act, ending sanctuary cities, halting grants for amnesty to illegal aliens, and stopping Biden’s secret migrant flights.
  • Jon Tester votes with Joe Biden 91% of the time.
  • Tester: Biden has “helped” secure the border.
  • Other two-faced Tester votes.