Tester Chooses Chuck Schumer over Montana with Keystone XL Vote

HELENA, Mont. – Montana’s senior Senator could have been the Democrat in the Senate to put his money where his mouth is for once by voting to help support and move forward legislation authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline introduced by Senator Daines.

Senator Tester had the power and opportunity to support the pipeline and force Biden to reverse his current course of action, but instead of supporting hundreds of good-paying jobs, lower energy costs, and $80 million a year in tax revenue for Montanans, Tester sided with radical environmentalists and Chuck Schumer over Montana.

Tester backed the crazy Montana Conversation Voters crowd over thousands of union construction jobs and Montana’s skilled trades workers. His vote to kill Daines’ Keystone amendment also blocked tens of millions of dollars a year in local tax revenue for services in our rural communities for schools, roads, and law enforcement.

Montanans deserve to know the truth about Tester’s actions. We hope Montana reporters tell the story.